Update On Recreational Water Recommendation Issued For Watauga River In Foscoe Area

Last Updated on August 9, 2017 10:55 am

  BOONE – Watauga County officials continue to urge people to avoid recreational activities at the river in the vicinity of Foscoe due to a petroleum substance that appears to be seeping into the Watauga River between Church Road and Riverside Farm Road.  Currently, this advisory applies only to that section.

Watauga County Emergency Management has continued to lead coordination efforts with the Watauga Riverkeeper, state partners and the Environmental Protection Agency over the weekend to determine the extent of contamination and collect water samples for testing. To date, work has continued to determine if any hazards exist to humans or livestock, determine the source and contain the substance. Laboratory results are still pending. These results will provide important information about next steps.

Environmental and health officials continue to recommend the following:

  • Avoid swimming, wading or fishing in this section of the Watauga River area until further notice.
  • Avoid skin contact with water, soil and sediment in or near the river.
  • If skin comes in contact with contaminated sediment or water, thoroughly wash the affected area with soap and water.

Officials with the NC Department of Environmental Quality in coordination with the Environmental Protection Agency, NC Department of Health and Human Services, and Appalachian District Health Department will continue to conduct water quality sampling and planning for control and remediation of the problem. Officials are contacting homeowners with private drinking water wells in the specified area to conduct additional well water testing.

Additional guidance will be provided as warranted as recommendations and guidance is received. Questions or concerns should be phoned into Appalachian District Health Department at 828-264-4995 ext. 1114. Please leave your name and phone number for a return call. Additional updates to this recommendation will be recorded on the message line and will be shared with media outlets and on as new information is available.

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