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Upcoming 321 Traffic Impacts/Traffic Split, Monday Planned Work Now Delay Due To Weather

Last Updated on February 5, 2016 3:23 pm

From NCDOT on Friday afternoon February 5, 2016

 Unfortunately the trending colder weather the later part of this week has resulted in temperatures too cold to install the necessary pavement markings for the next traffic split. The bitter cold temperatures forecast for next week and chances of snow will continue to present a problem for the remaining pavement marking operations and the placement of water filled barrier necessary to complete this shift. Therefore, the traffic split that had been tentatively scheduled for Monday will now be delayed until further notice. Updates to this schedule will be available as our engineers and contractor continue to evaluate the forecast for next week. Paving that had been scheduled for Saturday & Sunday north of West Cornish has also been cancelled due to forecasted overnight temperatures. Cleanup operations will continue tomorrow, Saturday, February 6th, 2016 along future southbound lanes through the business section. No other traffic impacts to US321 are currently scheduled for this weekend.

Please keep in mind that the future southbound lanes from the Food Lion Shopping Center to US321 Bus/S. Main Street remain CLOSED to the public at this time. Traffic control along this section has been stepped up in order to begin preparations for the next traffic shift. Motorists and pedestrians attempting to travel along this section of the project will be at an even greater risk of coming into conflict with ground crews working on foot, construction equipment/materials and even construction debris, all of which could result in a serious accident. There have already been several incidences where motorists have struck and then become hung up on the new curb & gutter, resulting in vehicles having to be removed from the area by wrecker. If you must travel back and forth across this section of the project in order to access a residence or business, please use extreme caution and remain alert! Help us keep you and our construction crews safe by observing this closure!

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