Unseasonable Temperatures Allows For Stunning Views, Nelson Aerials Captures The Sights Of A Warm December 2015

Last Updated on December 29, 2015 8:09 pm

The record setting warm temperatures for December are allowing for some stunning views, for a month that usually experiences snow cover as a view. Jordan Nelson, owner of Nelson Aerials, tells that “Despite the warm weather Mother Nature is still producing beautiful sights that most would only expect in Spring or Summer.”

Below are some of the sights that Nelson Aerials captured in December.

December 29

Dec 29 2015

December 27 on Appalachian State campus. 

Dec 27 2015_1 Dec 27 2015_2 Dec 27 2015_3 Dec 27 2015_4 Dec 27 2015_5 Dec 27 2015_6 Dec 27 2015_7

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