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Unseasonable Mid August 2013 As Lows Dip Into The 40s

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Last Updated on August 15, 2013 11:41 am

“It's COLD!!”, “WOW!!! Hoodie time!”, “dislike!” were just some of the comments to the facebook page as area residents dealt with morning lows in the 40s for the first time since winter.

The weather station at Watauga Medical Center recorded a low of 49 at 3:35am on Thursday Aug 15. After a short lived bump to 50 at 5:55am it was back to 49 from 6:15am to 7:15am, this following a low of 54 the previous day.

Although not a new record low, how does this compare to previous lows for these same dates in August for Boone?

For Aug 14: 55 in 2012, 60 in 2011, 66 in 2010. Record lows – 44 in 1946, 46 in 1967

For Aug 15: 57 in 2012, 59 in 2011, 68 in 2010. Record lows – 42 in 1963, 43 in 1964

As far as all time temperature extremes for the month of August a high of 91 was recorded in Boone three times:

Aug 11,1951, Aug 20,1983, Aug 21,1983. Blowing Rock hit that same mark Aug 6, 1956.

Temperatures in the 30s are rare for the month but not unheard of.

Record lows in Boone:

33 on Aug 31,1946,

36 on Aug 27,1952,

37 on both Aug 13,1930 & Aug 26,1952,

38 on Aug 12,1930.


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