Tuesday Travel Issues Included Trucks, Bears & Traffic

Last Updated on October 1, 2013 7:50 pm

This overturned truck caused delays on 321 near Aho Road Tuesday afternoon.

Photo: Rich Brown
Oct 1_Rich Brown

Photo: Joey Nelson
Oct 1_Joey Nelson

Traffic backups on Poplar Grove Road near 105 Tuesday afternoon. Photo by Hailey Oliver and she adds “32 years of living on Poplar Grove Road and traffic has never been like this”

Oct 1_Hailey Oliver

Around 6pm two to three bears at Deerfield and Bamboo caused traffic and onlooker backups. Photos:Rhonda Newberry

Oct 1_Rhonda Newberry

Oct 1_2_Rhonda Newberry

Oct 1_3_Rhonda Newberry

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