Tuesday afternoon Dec27 Reports

Last Updated on December 27, 2011 1:54 pm

1:50pm- Sleet mixed with snow currently on Beech Mtn reported by Beech Mountain fb page

4:45pm- getting reports of snow across the High Country now

4:50pm- snowing on Beech, Sugar, and on Meat Camp per Facebook reports

5pm- snowing in Blowing Rock

5:05pm- snowing in Matney

6:20pm – Depending on where in the county you are you may be getting either all snow, rain, sleet or a mix of either or.

[lg_image folder=”December 2011/” image=”BeechSnow12272011.jpg” caption=”Beech Mtn snow December 27, 2011″ align=”left” display=”thumb”]

8:45pm – Porta Potty blows into 421 at New Market blocking 1 lane of traffic.”

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