Town of Boone Water Intake Project Update #5

Last Updated on July 24, 2017 1:19 pm

*Town of Boone Press Release*

On Feb. 13, 2017 the Harper Corporation and Garney Construction Company, Inc. were provided with the Notice to Proceed on the Boone Water Line, Water Treatment Plant, Intake and Booster Pump Station Project. The following is a project update and notice of upcoming road closures. There are currently 383 days remaining in the project contracts.

The Harper Corporation

Work Completed in Last 30 Days:

Div 1 Water Treatment Plant

  • Twin 30in Finish water lines between the clearwells
  • Excavation for the new Finish Water Clearwell
  • Storm Water Management Pond #2 at New Clearwell
  • Began installation of 8in piping in filter gallery
  • Install Temporary Backup Generator
  • Remove existing Backup Generator in the High Service Pumps Station

Div 2 Intake

  • Received NCDEQ authorization for additional Limits of Disturbance for Box Culvert Construction
  • Temporary access road around box culvert location
  • Bypass piping around box culvert location

Div 3 Booster Pump Station

  • Surveying and Layout of limits of disturbance
  • Installation of erosion control measures
  • Install Diversion ditch
  • Temporary Construction Access
  • Excavation for Building


30 Day Look Ahead

Div 1 Water Treatment Plant

  • Installation of the twin 30in Finish water lines between the clearwells
  • Clearwell Underslab Piping
  • Clearwell Underslab stone grading
  • Outfall #3 at Backwash Tank
  • Clearwell Subcontractor (Precon Corporation) mobilize
  • Install new 800 kw backup generator & associated fuel system

Div 2 Intake

  • Temporary access road around box culvert location
  • Impervious Dikes
  • Subgrade for P-1 Box Culvert
  • SetP-1 Box Culvert and wingwalls

Div 3 Booster Pump Station

  • Raise and Shield Power Lines and Communication lines
  • Excavation for Building
  • Storm Drain Structures & Piping

Garney Construction Company, Inc.

Crew 1 Brownwood Road:

Continue to move down Brownwood road.  Installed around 2500’ this month.  Still importing material and haul off unsuitable as needed.  Paving is caught up and currently installing pipe in shoulder of the road.  There are a few asphalt shoulder patches and we will work to catch these up over next couple weeks. Seeding behind Pipe Crew to be caught up today. Also reseed any bare areas that have not come up. 

Crew 2 421 work.  

We have 2 work zones currently in place. The work zones consist of north bound having inside lane closed and south bound utilizing shoulder closure. There are currently 2 crews doing the trenchless crossings under the median along 421 with pipe crew installing pipe between both sections as trenchless median crossings progress. The north 421 work zone will be moved next week and will be at the 421 and old US 421 intersection. There will be some construction signage and barrier in area but intersection will remain open. The southern work zone is set to move up early August. 421 crew has installed around 5500’ of pipe this month

 Crew 3 

 New River Hills/Greenway

Paving and seeding is complete along New River Hills.  Crew will be coming back late this summer to connect crossing under river to pipeline and do the final asphalt overlay.  Crew currently working in greenway portion of project.  The first of 3 sections are complete and reseeded along with 1st river crossing.  Crew has moved to next section of greenway and start pipe installation back to Hunting Lane through park area. Also will connect to existing water line in Hunting Lane. Crew also working on river crossing #2.  Pipe crew has install approximately 2400’ of pipe this month.  While work proceeding along greenway there will be trail closures as necessary.  Once work is complete in Greenway crew will finish the trail asphalt and reseed any bare areas before moving to area around the treatment plant.

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