Town of Boone Water Intake Project Update #17, 12 Mile Section of Pipeline 100% Installed

Last Updated on July 19, 2018 4:48 pm

*Town of Boone Press Release*

On Feb. 13, 2017 the Harper Corporation and Garney Construction Company, Inc. were provided with the Notice to Proceed on the Boone Water Line, Water Treatment Plant, Intake and Booster Pump Station Project. The following is a project update summarizing recent and future work. There are currently 111 days remaining in the project contract for the Harper Corporation and 29 days on the Garney Construction Company, Inc. contract.

The Harper Corporation continues to complete items at the water treatment plant, the water intake site and at the Brownwood Road booster pump station. The focus at the water treatment plant has been the completion of filter number 3 of 5. Work will now focus on replacement of the filter number 4 of 5. Demo work on the concrete surfaces on the back side of the plant has been completed. The concrete floor and walls for the chemical storage building will begin. Bulk chemical storage tanks will be installed. At the booster pump station, the block walls of the structure will be started.

The Garney Construction Company has completed all pipe installation along Brownwood Road, Highway 421 and New River Hills. The trenchless crossing number 5 has been completed and the pipeline has been connected on both sides of Highway 421– the entire 12 mile section of the pipeline is 100% installed. The next couple weeks will consist of final testing of the waterline and completing final items on the punch list.

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