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Town of Boone Bolick Property Conservation Easement

Last Updated on February 16, 2021 2:08 pm

From Boone Town Manager John Ward – I am pleased to announce that on January 21, 2021 the Town of Boone officially filed the Bolick Property – New River Conservation Easement protecting 30.286 acres of town owned property along the South Fork of the New River. The easement is in partnership with the North Carolina Land & Water Fund (NC LWF) and will protect the property in perpetuity, while allowing for natural riparian restoration, enhanced wildlife habitat, promotion of clean water and passive recreation.

The Town of Boone purchased the 53.8 acre Bolick Farm, a former dairy farm, in March of 2016 for use as a future Municipal Services Complex to house a new consolidated facility for Police, 911 Emergency Communications, Public Works, Planning and a fourth Fire Station and to protect this valuable river front property.

In 2018 and in 2019 the Town of Boone partnered with Watauga County, New River Conservancy, Hollar & Greene Produce, and NC LWF and to restore the stream banks along the property boundary with the South Fork New River. Phase I consisted of 2,800 linear feet of stream bank and river restoration with the NC LWF funding $400,000, NRCS funding $233,085, Watauga County donating an easement, and Hollar & Greene donating an easement for a total Phase I value of $823,841. Phase II, which is currently under construction, consists of an additional 1,700 linear feet of stream bank and river restoration with the Town of Boone Funding $100,000 and providing the 30.286 acre easement, NC CWMTF funding $285,000 and Watauga County funding $100,000 for a total Phase II value of $1,015,214. When completed a total of 4,500 linear feet of stream bank and river buffer will be restored, $1,839,055 will have been invested in protecting the environment and water quality at this location and over 56% of this Town owned property will protected by this conservation easement.

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