Thursday January 23 Conditions/Reports

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 6:28 pm

Wind Chill Advisory has been extended until 10am Friday for our area. Values as low as -19 are forecast. Frostbite can occur in a very short period of time under those conditions so bundle up.

13 degrees with wind chill of -7 in Boone at 5:40am. With no snow overnight most travel routes should be as they were late yesterday.

8:15am – getting a report of snow falling on highway 194 north. 8 degrees warmer than this time yesterday, however it's only 14 degrees with wind chill of -3 in Boone

9:30am – gravel roads and some secondary roads remain totally snow covered. Most secondary roads are either partially snow covered or clear. Main roads, as they were yesterday, are clear.

Possible flagging ops/lane closures on 321 in Blowing Rock today south of GreenParkInn, weather permitting. Call 828-964-3260 for info.

Wind Chill Warning starting at midnight for the High Country. Wind chill readings of 15 to 25 BELOW zero with up to 30mph winds. Make sure you bundle up, check on the elderly and do what you can for those outside pets, leave that water dripping another night to protect against pipes freezing.

Wind Chill Warning from 1/24/2014 12:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST for Ashe County, Watauga County.

5:57pm – Report of a Water Main break on Faculty Street behind Blockbuster according to Boone Police. Water Dept is enroute avoid the area if possible.

6:42pm – Water Main Break on Faculty St will take 3-5 hours to repair and will affect everyone in the immediate area of Faculty Street per Boone PD

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