Tax Estimator Brings Help to Vehicle Owners

Last Updated on June 10, 2013 1:05 pm

Just in time for the mailing of the first combined “Tag & Tax Together” bills on July 1, North Carolina vehicle owners are getting a new tool to help them understand how the new program works.

The “Vehicle Property Tax Estimator” calculates the property tax for individual vehicles based on their identification, age and address. The estimator is located on the official DMV website and can be easily accessed for use by vehicle owners, car dealers and those registering their vehicles online.

“This new estimator will help owners compute their vehicle property tax prior to the new combined bill arriving,” said DMV Commissioner James L. Forte. “We are excited to have another way to show drivers how the program works.”

The DMV website offers many other informative guides to the “Tag & Tax Together” program. An easy-to-read map of the combined notice is posted on the website, showing where property tax information is listed on the bill and how to find vehicle registration facts. Additionally, frequently-asked questions about the new billing program are posted in English and Spanish.

Vehicle owners can tell if they will be receiving one of the first new bills by checking to see if they have a “9” (for the month of September) sticker on their license tag. With each passing month, additional vehicle owners will receive the new notice when their renewal is due. By mid-2014, the program should include all North Carolina vehicles.

The new “Tag & Tax Together” program was created by a law passed by the General Assembly in 2005 that makes vehicle property taxes due in full before a vehicle’s registration can be renewed. The new combined payment program has required the coordinated effort of all 100 county revenue offices, the state Department of Revenue and NCDMV.

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