Sunday April 19 2015 Flooding

Last Updated on April 19, 2015 7:45 pm

Many of the usual low lying flood prone bridges/roads are under water as of 7:42pm.

Boone Police have closed the 321 side of the Boone Mall parking lot, along with the bridge at Deerfield. High water also being reported in the Bamboo area.

Hubert Thomas Road bridge, Dewitt Barnett Road bridge, Guy Ford Road bridge, part of Watauga River Road and part of Roby Greene Road are closed according to NCDOT.

Flash Flood Warning remains in effect until 12:30am.

Watauga River flood stage at 9.1 feet at 7:30pm. Graphic: USGS

Watauga Roads Screen Shot106

Bridge at Valle Crucis School. Photo: Lynn Willis
April 19_Lynn Willis

April 19_VC Park2_Lynn Willis

Valle Crucis Park. Photos: Lynn Willis
April 19_VC Park4_Lynn Willis

April 19_VC Park3_Lynn Willis

April 19_VC Park_Lynn Willis

Dewitt-Barnett bridge. Photo:Lynn Willis
April 19_Dewitt Barnett bridge_Lynn Willis

Underwater bridge on Old Ford Trail in Valle Crucis. Photo: Lynn-Willis
April 19_Underwater Bridge on Old Ford Trail in Valle Crucis_Lynn Willis

Valle Crucis Park around 8pm Sunday evening. Photos: Cheyenne Earp

VC Park5 April 19_Cheyenne Earp

VC Park4 April 19_Cheyenne Earp

VC Park3 April 19_Cheyenne Earp

VC Park2 April 19_Cyenne Earp

VC Park April 19 Cheyenne Earp

Hubert Thomas Road bridge. Photo: Candace Peck

April 19_Candace Peck

Watauga River Road. Photo : Kathy Zalewski

April 19_Kathy Zalewski

The dam on 105. Photo: Brandon McKeever

April 19_Brandon McKeever

Dewitt Barnett Road bridge in Valle Crucis. Photo: Lori Brennan

April 19_Lori Eckard Brennan

Bridge covered in Valle Crucis. Photo: Amanda Smith

April 19_Amanda Smith

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