Social Media Post Thanks Boone Police Sergeant For Taking The Extra Step

Last Updated on July 18, 2016 10:41 pm

A Facebook post is crediting Boone Police Sergeant Geoff Hayes in taking the extra step to put a smile on the faces of some local children.

According to Facebook post by Bg Baker: On Friday we stopped by the gas station before heading home. When we arrived we met office Geoff with the @boonepolice! My kids desperately wanted officer stickers, however; officer Geoff did not have any. So instead he took them inside and allowed them to pick out any ice cream that they wanted! I encourage all officer to use this example of community policing as life goals! The change in our communities should focus first on the children! As they are the future of our nation! Thank you officer Geoff for your service and community style of policing. You could have simply told my children that you did not have stickers and to get over it. But you did something far greater and connected with them and gave them a special treat!

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