Snow/Road 1/15 Updates

Last Updated on January 15, 2012 12:03 am

Slick roads across the area this morning.

7:35-8am reports – Laurel Fork off the 105 By-Pass is completely covered and it is still snowing.

Downtown roads are in pretty good shape. Travel lanes are visible

Mountain Dale Rd. covered

View on Blowing Rock Road. Photos by Aaron Whitener via twitter
[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”blowingrockroad011512.jpg” align=”center” display=”thumb”]

421 before New Market View, Photo by Aaron Whitener via twitter
[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”421_011512.jpg” align=”center” display=”thumb”]

421 heading out of city limits – Photo by Aaron Whitener -via twitter
[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”421_2_011512.jpg” align=”center” display=”thumb”]

BREMCO parking lot – Photo by Aaron Whitener -via twitter
[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”421bremco_011512.jpg” align=”center” display=”thumb”]

8am-8:30am reports:

Poplar Grove between 105 and campus is white

Overnight snow totals via Brad Panovich on twitter: 2.2″ Boone, 5″ Beech Mtn, 5″ Sugar Mtn, 2″ Blowing Rock, 3.5″ Banner Elk, 4″ Newland.

winter wonderland on Del Coffey Road, between Boone and Todd. about 3 inches – via facebook

8:54am – much of bamboo covered, almost to sugar on 105 and all is good except slush in middle

9:12am – 321 from Boone to Blowing Rock pretty good, side roads are snow covered

9:16am – 321 to Boone
[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”321toBoone_011512.jpg” align=”center” display=”thumb”]

9:30am- Roads in Valle Crucis slushy but mostly clear



105 good shape


105 bypass


421/Boone Mtn


10:15am- Looks like most secondary roads are covered in the western part of the county

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