Snow Reports 1/12

Last Updated on January 12, 2012 1:02 pm

***All posted reports are from either the facebook or twitter pages, text/emails/calls received and police scanner. Due to the shear volume of information time may not allow credit as to where each report came from***

1pm- clouds and fog have moved into Watauga now

3:45pm- light rain falling in Boone

7:41pm – Rain / Sleet mix in the Sutherland Valley area of Ashe Co.

7:44pm – Rain and snow mixed currently falling in Fleetwood

7:55 – Rain and snow mixed Tater Hill area

7:58pm – Rain and sleet in West Jefferson

8pm – Rain and sleet in Green Valley School area

8:14pm – getting some reports of ice – updated 8:17pm – “watauga/ashe line near tn”, ” ice off of 321 Niley cook road”

8:19 via twitter – ” Few power outages at Beech Mtn in Watauga County due to tree on line. BREMCO is there. Should be fixed fast.”

8:22pm – Ice & sleet coming down near Elk Knob/ Meat Camp Rd.

8:26 – The snow has arrived on Pond Mountain

8:30 UPDATES: Starting to snow in Banner Elk (Avery County), Snowing in Bethel, Snowing in Foscoe

sleet and snow in Sugar Grove, Snow sticking in Matney, rain/sleet/snow in Bethel

sleet is starting in Perkinsville!

Heavy blowing snow on Beech Mtn. 35 degrees. Ground dusted.

Beech Mtn: 31 degrees, snowing, wind, ground covered and I can hear the snow guns on the slopes!

8:41 – Loud thunder in Foscoe

8:41 – Thunder Snow on Dutch Creek Road in Valle Crucis

Near Matney and Beech Mountain: Pouring the snow and its thundering! Everything is white, crazy weather!

Rain and snow in Deep Gap. Temp has dropped 6 degrees in approximately 1 hour.

8:52pm – Thunder snow in Matney. Looked outside probably 20 min ago and it was raining. Heard thunder and looked back out and everything is white.

9pm UPDATES – thunder BIG TIME out 221 in Blowing Rock!, Rain and snow in Deep Gap. Temp has dropped 6 degrees in approximately 1 hour.,

[lg_image folder=”January 2012/” image=”HowardsCreek011212.jpg” caption=”Heavy Snow on Howard\'s Creek Rd. Jan 12, 2012. Photo by Luke Miller” align=”center” display=”thumb”]

Beech Mountain: Snowing heavily and we have almost 1/2″ just in the last half hour

9:10pm – Snowing very hard on the 105 Bypass and the wind has really picked up.

9:14pm – Ground is white and it is pouring snow on Pond Mountain

‎1/2 inch of snow now @ Elk Knob/ Meat Camp Rd area, very windy too.

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