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Snow Probability For Jan 17-20, 2014

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Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:49 pm

Another few rounds of snow are in the forecast for the weekend. As of Friday afternoon here's the probability of snow accumulation for the High Country and the region from the National Weather Service.

Probability of greater than 1 inch of snow

From 7am Saturday to 7am Sunday
Watauga Roads Screen Shot152

From 1pm Saturday to 1pm Sunday
Watauga Roads Screen Shot153

From 7pm Sunday to 7pm Monday

Watauga Roads Screen Shot154

From 1am Sunday to 1am Monday

Watauga Roads Screen Shot155

Probability of greater than 2 inches of snow from 1am Sunday to 1am Monday

Watauga Roads Screen Shot156

Video Update from NWS on Friday morning

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