SHP Urges Motorists To Plan Ahead For Memorial Day Travel

Last Updated on May 23, 2019 8:13 am

RALEIGH – With an estimated 37.6 million motorists taking to the roadways this Memorial Day weekend, the State Highway Patrol is encouraging drivers to plan ahead before traveling.  

Regardless of the intended destination, an increase in motor vehicle travel is expected which may lead to congestion on major interstate, US and NC highways.  With this in mind, troopers will be out in full force to monitor driver behavior in an attempt to reduce collisions that occur from high speed, impaired and distracted driving, and lack of seat belt use.  Using the Vision Zero approach, law enforcement officials hope to report zero fatal collisions throughout the holiday weekend. 

In an attempt to discourage impaired driving on both roadways and waterways, SHP has combined forces with the NC Wildlife Resources Commission’s Law Enforcement Division, participating in the annual On the Road, On the Water campaign.  The campaign will be conducted throughout the weekend with an intense focus on removing impaired motorists who are operating boats and motor vehicles. 

Motorists are encouraged to follow these suggestions: 

  • Expect Delays – research routes in advance to include secondary routes, detours and possible road closures.   This can be done by visiting
  • Monitor Speed – speeding is still the top contributing factor to vehicle collisions.
  • Wear Seat Belts – seat belts must be worn in both front and back seats if available. 
  • Avoid Road Rage – use patience when driving and avoid other motorists who may contribute to road rage situations. 
  • Don't Drive Distracted – avoid any distraction(s) while driving that reduces your ability to drive safely
  • Collision Reporting – motorists involved in a property damage collision are asked to remove their vehicles from the roadway to the shoulder or emergency strip.  Motorists involved in injury-related collisions should immediately contact 911 or *HP (*47) for emergency assistance.  
  • Reporting Dangerous Drivers or Other Emergencies – motorists are encouraged to dial *HP or 911.

For non-emergency information, motorists are requested to contact the local SHP office and avoid using *HP or 911.  A list of local district offices can be obtained by visiting  

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