Search For New Watauga High School Principal Continues As 2017 Begins

Last Updated on December 24, 2019 4:27 pm

The search for Watauga High School's new principal is continuing as the New Year begins. On Monday (January 9, 2017) Dr. Scott Elliott, Superintendent of Watauga County Schools, told that the search is going very well. “As of January 9, we have 14 applicants for the WHS principal position. We have a good mix of applicants with a broad range of experiences.” Dr. Elliott noted.

The position will be advertised through March 1, 2017 and then the applications will be reviewed and interviews scheduled during the month of March.

“Waiting until March for interviews gives us the time we need to conduct a thorough search with lots of involvement from the school community.” Dr. Elliott said. “We will follow a process similar to what we have done in our recent hiring of principals. A survey will be sent out to staff members, students, and parents asking for their thoughts on what the school needs in our next leader. We will hold some focus group meetings as well. A large interview committee will conduct several different interview activities to help us narrow down our list. I will conduct final interviews and make a recommendation to our board of education.”

The search for a new principal continues after now former principal Marshall Gasperson was granted a medical leave of absence in late November. Wayne Eberle has be acting as interim principal in the meantime.

Dr. Elliott, along with other school system officials, on Monday had high remarks for Eberle's willingness to step into the position. Eberle is a former principal at Valle Crucis School and has worked in the central office in different capacities since 2011.

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