Earthquake Confirmed Thursday Evening

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:57 pm

***For more information about the history of earthquakes in the High Country visit High Country Earthquake History page***

The United States Geological Survey confirmed Thursday evening that a 2.5 magnitude earthquake was recorded two miles east of Blowing Rock just before 1:30pm.

Reports into the Watauga Roads social media outlets began just seconds after the event which officially took place at 1:28pm. There were no reports of damage.

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Earthquakes, or feeling them, appear to be more common in the High Country in recent years.

Earlier this year a 2.1 magnitude was registered also in Blowing Rock, in 2013 a 2.6 magnitude was recorded near Blowing Rock, On Nov 10, 2012 – residents reported an earthquake rumble, Aug 23, 2011 – a quake in Virginia was felt in the area

WCNC report June 12, 2014

*below are the real time updates from Thursday*

The Watauga Roads social media outlets are fielding comments from residents across Watauga of feeling a rumble and some hearing a loud boom. As of 1:44pm there are no reports from USGS of a registered earthquake. More information as it becomes available.

2:07pm – just talked to a DOT rep and there was no blasting in Blowing Rock today. Still no reports from USGS about a possible earthquake.

If you would like to report to USGS as an “Unknown Event” then follow this link –

5:54pm – Update: USGS now reporting 2.3 magnitude earthquake at 1:28pm.

6:10pm – initially reported as a 2.3 USGS has just upgraded it to 2.5

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