Regional News – Officials In Burke & Catawba Report 75 Bomb Threats Over The Weekend

Last Updated on June 26, 2016 8:48 pm

Officials with the Morganton Public Safety office are reporting over 75 “bomb threats” this weekend. In a Facebook post the agency says, “Public Safety, along with other agencies are investigating over 75 “bomb threats” that have kept Burke and Catawba Counties busy over the weekend. At least half of these reports have been phoned-in to businesses within the City of Morganton. While there have been no actual devices or explosions take place, we ask that you continue to patiently follow instructions from business and Public Safety personnel if you find yourself in the middle of a response.”

The agency also was reminding residents and business that if they that do not currently have a policy for dealing with bomb threats then make one.

 morganton public safety statement

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