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Rainfall Totals Over 3 Inches In Some Locations In Last 72 Hours

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 6:55 pm

Much needed rain fell in the High Country on Tuesday and Wednesday, but far from enough to break drought conditions or to lift the current burning ban.

The National Weather Service reports that several locations in Watauga and Ashe recorded totals over 3 inches, with other locations coming close to the mark. Seven reporting stations in Watauga recorded 3 inches or more, with the most at the 1 SE Rutherwood station with 3.80 inches. Four other stations reported between 2.04 inches and 2.91 inches. Four other stations recorded between 1.44 inches and 1.68 inches. In Ashe County, two stations recorded totals over 3 inches.

Residents and visitors are reminded that even with that rainfall the current burning ban remains in effect.

Below are 72 hour totals from the National Weather Service ending at 3pm on Thursday December 1, 2016.

…Ashe County…
2 NE Deep Gap 3.64 in
Transou 3.15 in
Jefferson 2 E 2.06 in
West Jefferson 1.76 in
2 ENE Baldwin 1.59 in
Lansing Rg Dcp 1.54 in
2 S Lansing 1.50 in
Jefferson 1.18 in

…Watauga County…
1 SE Rutherwood 3.80 in
Boone Precip (tva) 2s 3.65 in
Boone 3.63 in
Boone 1se 3.55 in
Aho 3.31 in
1 ESE Boone 3.30 in
2 W Blowing Rock 3.24 in
1 E Seven Devils 2.91 in
3 SSE Foscoe 2.78 in
1 N Foscoe 2.29 in
Seven Devils 2.04 in
2 SSW Rominger 1.68 in
Valle Crucis 1.66 in
Boone 1.57 in
1 ESE Meat Camp 1.44 in

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