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Rainfall Data For September 2013 & 2013

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 6:35 pm

2013 continues to be on pace to become the wettest year on record for Boone and Watauga County since 1980, even though August and September were much drier than June and July.

From September 1-30 the Boone 1 Se weather reporting station measured 1.69 inches, compared to 4.35 inches for August, 18.15 for July and 9.46 for June both of which were new monthly records.

23.01 inches in 2004 stands as the record for any September based on all data from 1929 til now, the driest .39 in 1984.

As far as all time yearly rainfall totals it is of note that weather records for Boone have been kept by two different official weather stations since 1929. The first station measured through May of 1980 and was then replaced by the “Boone 1 Se” unit that started data on June 1, 1980.

The highest yearly total on record for Boone from 1929-1980 is 82.79 inches recorded in 1979. For the period of 1980-2012 the highest yearly total is 69.54 in 2009. As of October 6 a total of 68.1 inches has been recorded for all of 2013.

*NOTE – some years have incomplete/missing data which could mean much higher totals. Example – 1940, the year of the great flood, yearly totals only show 56.97. 77 days of data are missing for that year*


*data above courtesy of The Southeast Regional Climate Center*

For the month of September 2013
Sept 2013 rainfall

Year to date rain through 7am Oct 7
year to date Oct 7

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