Rain & Snow Reports

Last Updated on October 29, 2011 7:50 am

(Updated 3:54pm)

As of 7:20am Facebook and twitter followers are just reporting rain across the county. Temps are still in the range for snow or freezing rain, but so far none yet.

At 7:49 seeing Facebook reports of snow in Zionville, Blowing Rock and Howard's Creek

8:35am- the rain has changed to snow across a wide section of the county. No accumulation yet.

9am – Most of the facebook reports indicate light and fine snow across the county now.

Here's a picture from Elk Park in Avery County at 9am

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9:17am – picture from Andy Hicks Road by Rodney Presnell

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9:21am – twitter report of quarter of an inch of snow in Banner Elk and still snowing

9:40 – Two facebook reports of sun shining in Stony Fork and Rutherwood

9:56am – Photo from Howard's Creek by Miranda Baker
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10am – from Elk Park, photo by Rebecca Dugger
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12:53pm – Red Fox Lane in Hickory Nut Gap area around 11:30am. Photo by Toni Brownlee

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3:45pm – The difference between morning and afternoon, photo by KR

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Great photo by Deej Cornett of Tater Hill in Zionville

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