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Public Service Announcement: The Town of Boone Will Be Conducting a Stormwater Assessment Beginning May 28, 2024

Last Updated on May 21, 2024 3:52 pm

The Town of Boone is in the process of proactively enhancing its stormwater management
system. As such, a town-wide stormwater utility assessment will begin on May 28, 2024, and is
set to end in approximately 90 days. The cooperation of residents to allow contracted survey
personnel on or near their property is essential for the success of this project, which ultimately
benefits the entire community by fostering a safer and more resilient environment.

This project is made possible through a $400,000 grant that the Town of Boone received from
the Local Assistance for Stormwater Infrastructure Investments Program through the North
Carolina Department of Environmental Quality. The proposed project will include inventorying
and mapping of stormwater infrastructure on publicly owned land, town-maintained
right-of-way, and DOT-maintained right-of-way.

This inventory will be a collective effort, spanning the incorporated area of the Town of Boone,
outside of previously inventoried areas during location-specific projects. Features mapped will
include inlets, outfalls, catch basins, detention ponds, culverts, and any other features discovered.
The inventory will result in a geodatabase of stormwater infrastructure, providing us all with a
clearer picture of how existing assets function, or fail to function, as a system.

The project will pair this inventory with an assessment of the current maintenance condition and
adequacy of each mapped stormwater asset within Town limits, including those mapped during
previous projects. This will give the Town the information it needs to prioritize projects and
appropriate funding for maintenance or capital improvements. This initiative will help prioritize
necessary improvements and play a crucial role in reducing the risk of flooding within the Town
of Boone.

For more information on this project, please contact Public Works at (828) 268-6230.

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