Overturn Drum Of Road Paint Causes Major Traffic Delays

Last Updated on July 1, 2015 6:55 pm

An overturn drum of paint caused major traffic delays on highway 105 on Wednesday evening. According to an incoming report to, a road crew paint truck overturned a drum of white line paint “all over” 105 around 5pm. The Watauga County Communications dispatch office said the spill was in the 3700 block on Rock Crusher Hill, near the red light at 105/105 bypass.

One comment into the Watauga Roads Facebook page noted that it took “40 minutes from light at Sagebrush to Baird's Creek Road.”, while another mention that it took them “at least 30 minutes to get from Casa Rustica to Ingles.”

Crews were on the scene cleaning up, according to incoming social media reports. is working on getting more information about the spill, and will update as more information is available.

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