Outdoor Burning and Wildland Fire Safety from Boone Fire Department

With warm weather and longer days, residents are venturing outside to begin the process of spring cleanup.  Boone Fire wants to remind everyone that consistent with state law, debris burning of any kind is not permitted within the Town of Boone limits.  Debris for this purpose include leaves, branches and other plant growth as well as garbage, paper, tires, building materials, and any other type of human-made or human-processed materials of any kind. 

County residents may take yard debris to the landfill.  Watauga County Sanitation accepts yard debris Monday through Friday at a rate of $59 per ton or Saturday for free, up to 2000lbs per address if the homeowner is the hauler.  All county residents are asked to obtain a burning permit before burning.  Burn permits can be obtained at your local fire station or at the following link:

“Whether performing cleanup or a fresh landscape install we would like you to follow a few tips to protect your home from the dangers of wildfires.” Says Fire Prevention Captain Jacob Burleson of Boone Fire Department.

  • CLEAR leaves and other vegetative debris from roofs, gutters, porches and decks.  This helps prevent embers from igniting your home.
  • REMOVE dead vegetation and other items from under your deck or porch and within 10 feet of the house.
  • SCREEN in areas below patios and decks with wire mesh to prevent debris and combustible materials from accumulating.
  • REMOVE combustible materials (wood piles, propane tanks) from within 30 feet of your home’s foundation and outbuildings, including garages and sheds.  If it can catch fire, don’t let it touch your house, deck or porch.
  • Wildfire can spread to treetops.  PRUNE trees so the lowest branches are 6 to 10 feet from the ground.
  • KEEP your lawn hydrated and maintained.  If its brown, cut it down to reduce fire intensity.  Dry grass and shrubs are fuel for wildfire.
  • Don’t let debris and lawn cuttings linger.  DISPOSE of these items quickly to reduce fuel for fire.
  • INSPECT shingles or roof tiles.  Replace or repair the shingles that are loose or missing to prevent ember penetration.
  • COVER exterior attic vents with metal wire mesh no larger than 1/8 inch to prevent embers from entering the home.
  • ENCLOSE eaves and screen soffit vents using 1/8 mesh metal screening to prevent ember entry.

Town of Boone residents are allowed up to three free pick-ups per year.  Boone’s Spring Litter Sweep is April 13th – 27th and “Boone Clean-Up Day” is April 13th.  For more information about this, or to schedule a pick-up, contact Public Works at (828) 268-6230.  Town of Boone, North Carolina Code of Ordinances can be viewed on the Town website:  For questions and other safety tips contact Boone Fire Department at (828) 268-6180 or visit the National Fire Protection Association at  

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