Oh Deer! Animal Enters Local Business Causing Damage

Last Updated on June 26, 2016 8:07 pm

A manager of a local business experienced a big surprise last week when a deer entered the business causing quite the mess and damage.

Elizabeth Elias was watering plants at Grandfather Mountain Nursery Garden Center and Landscaping on Tuesday (June 21, 2016), when she saw a car stop in front of the business, on highway 105 in Foscoe, and then immediately saw something moving in the landscaping part of the shop. Then she began hearing things break inside the retail area.

Elias went inside to find a deer trying to go upstairs to a top portion of the business. After realizing it could not get up the stairs, the adolescent deer came back down and attempted to get out of a large unopened window by bucking it several times. Bleeding heavily from the wounds the deer managed to get out of the shop, ran back across 105 and disappeared out of sight.

Theresa Foxx, owner of the business, tells, “We have had snakes, chipmunks, birds, and a hawk in the retail, first time for a deer!” Foxx estimates the animal caused around $1000 in damages to destroyed planting pots, glass garden ornaments and other items.

Though rare to hear of deer entering businesses or homes, each fall NCDOT reminds drivers to be alert for deer crossing the road as they account for about 90% of animal related crashes.

Photos: Elizabeth Elias & Theresa Foxx

deer crash_Grandfather Landscaping (1)

deer crash_Grandfather Landscaping (2)

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