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November 2015 2nd Wettest On Record, Tops Modern Day Data

Last Updated on December 9, 2015 5:27 pm

If you were under the possible notion that November seem to be a wet one, well then you are correct. November 2015 not only made history by recording the most rain over the last 35 years for the month, but nearly beat the all time monthly November record for Boone.

The official weather reporting station for Boone recorded 10.56 inches for the month, which surpassed the previous record of 10.05 set in 1985. 14 out of 30 days recorded at least a trace of rain. Most notable were November 9 & November 18 when three plus inches fell both days causing flooding in the usual flood prone areas.

As impressive as the rainfall totals came out to be, it still was not quite enough to overtake the all time November record of 11.79 set in 1948. The all time wettest month belongs to July 2013 at 18.15 inches.

Graphic: State Climate Office

    November 2015 Boone rainfall

Graphics: National Weather Service rainfall North Carolina Novermber 2015 Watauga County Novemebr 2015 rainfall

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