North Carolina Lottery Launches New Operating System

Last Updated on March 30, 2017 7:11 pm

Lottery tickets sales and games all across North Carolina are up and running this week on the newest technology in the lottery industry after the N.C. Education Lottery completed a conversion to a new operating system.

The conversion completes a year-long effort by the lottery and its gaming vendors to install a new operating system and instant ticket services. The system provides the technical infrastructure that supports the lottery games and allows lottery tickets sales and payments of prizes to occur simultaneously at more than 6,850 retailers across North Carolina. Until now, the lottery ran on its first operating system that was installed 11 years ago.

“This big change is transparent to most lottery players, but it’s exciting to get new technology to support our games and ticket sales,” said Alice Garland, executive director of the lottery. “This will allow the lottery to work more effectively and efficiently with retailers and provide more engaging games for players. Having more effective and efficient lottery operations will help the lottery continue its success in raising money for education.”

The new system is the centerpiece of major improvements as the Education Lottery enters its second decade. Other enhancements include:

– New lottery terminals or lottery vending machines at all lottery retail locations. The new equipment has large user-friendly touch screens and a faster printer. This should speed up the time it takes for lottery transactions to occur at retail locations.
– New instant ticket printing and warehousing system. Instant tickets are the most popular lottery games and the new system should make the ordering and distribution of instant tickets more efficient.
– A ticket checker or a lottery vending machine with a ticket checking function at all retail locations. This allows players to check and see for themselves if they have a winning ticket.
– New play centers at all retail locations. The play centers will make it easier for players to get information about lottery games, odds of winning, and prizes.

Players will see more upgrades in the months to come as the lottery unveils a new website and a new mobile app for smartphones.

The changes result from new contracts for a new operating system and instant ticket services. The contracts, approved in January 2016, went into effect on Sunday. Under the contracts, IGT, based in Providence, Rhode Island, will provide the lottery’s operating system and Scientific Games of Alpharetta, Ga. will provide instant ticket and related services.

Ticket sales made it possible for the lottery to raise more than $634 million for the state last year. For details on how lottery funds have made a difference in every county in the state, click on the “For Education” section of the lottery’s website.

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