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GRANDFATHER MOUNTAIN, NC – A total of 9.26 inches of rain was recorded in September at the weather data reporting station located at the top of Grandfather Mountain. This amount made the month the ninth rainiest September at Grandfather. The record is still set at 30.99 inches received September 2004.

The recording of 9.26 inches was 3.02 inches (48 percent) above the 56-year average rainfall total for the month of 6.24 inches. Rain for the year-to-date totals 46.26 inches, which is 3.39 inches (7 percent) below the 56-year norm of 49.65 inches.

Grandfather Mountain measures precipitation at multiple locations on the Mountain. An automatic weighing precipitation gauge on the corner of the Top Shop parking lot recorded 8.59 inches of rain this month and a manual gauge at the Entrance Gate recorded 12.11 inches.

Over the past four years, Grandfather, in partnership with Appalachian State University, has upgraded technology and added two automatic weather stations on the Mile High Swinging Bridge. With the August 2011 summary, Grandfather Mountain began reporting the data collected by the automatic weather station located on the Swinging Bridge.

The average high temperature for September was 62.2 degrees and the average low temperature was 51.5 degrees. These numbers read just a bit higher than the State Climate Office data from Mt. Mitchell State Park. The average high temperature at Mt. Mitchell was 60.4 degrees and the average low temperature was 48.5 degrees.

The highest three-second gust during the month was 66.1 mph recorded September 7.

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