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New November Temperature Records Due To Arctic Blast

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Last Updated on November 19, 2014 5:44 pm

Several temperature records were tied and/or set over the last several days as unseasonably arctic air passed through the region.

10 degrees in Boone on Saturday November 15 placed third coldest for that date for the county, and second coldest for the town.

10 degrees also on Sunday November 16 placed second coldest for that date for the county, and coldest for the town.

11 degrees on Tuesday November 18 tied for coldest for the county, and coldest in town recorded history.

12 degrees was recorded on Wednesday November 19 which tied for the coldest for that date for the county and the town.

Graphics from State Climate Office of North Carolina

Record Temps Nov 15 Record Temps Nov 16 Record Temps Nov 18

Record Temps Nov 19

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