New Business Opening Causes Problems On Local Street, Neighborhood Residents Upset

Last Updated on October 18, 2015 7:03 pm

Motorist encountered much heavier than normal traffic volume on the 105 extension last Monday (October 12, 2015), as the new Zaxby's fast food restaurant open after months of construction. The increase traffic is also leading to problems on a nearby road and neighborhood.

On Thursday (October 15, 2015) the Boone Town Council heard from residents that use Beverly Heights Avenue, and live in the surrounding neighborhood, about the traffic volume and parking problems that have arisen. Residents told the Council about issues with customers to the restaurant turning around or parking in their private driveways and parking in the neighborhood, according to published reports.

In a 2013 traffic study, conducted by engineering company Davenport, it was recommended that Beverly Heights Avenue “be striped with a yellow center line to enhance safe vehicular movement traveling in opposite directions”, and “The proposed Zaxby's restaurant should not have any detrimental traffic effect on the surrounding area.”

In other traffic related items, the study also recommended that “NCDOT carry out their routine signal timing program to accommodate future traffic on 105 extension at State Farm Road” and “Construct a right turn deceleration lane into the site access to allows improved transitions in the the site's drive.” For the full recommendations see below, click to open in a new window.

The Town of Boone’s Transportation Committee will look into the matter and consider potential solutions.

Beverly Heights Avenue & Zaxby's exit. Photos: Kenneth Reece

Beverly Heights Avenue (1)

Beverly Heights Avenue (3)

Davenport Traffic Study Zaxbys_Part_1

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