NCDMV Encourages Drivers To Report Inaccurate Driving Records

Last Updated on June 2, 2016 1:46 pm

Raleigh – The North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles is encouraging drivers who believe their driving record may contain inaccuracies or may not reflect court decisions made within the past year to contact the division as soon as possible.

NCDMV recently discovered an error in its electronic reporting system that resulted in the compilation of inaccurate records. DMV staff is on track to complete new programming to solve the problem within the next two weeks.

“We are here to help citizens update their records to accurately reflect court decisions and the re-instatement of driving privileges,” NCDMV Commissioner Kelly J. Thomas said. “As soon as we discovered these inaccuracies in our records system, we began working to correct affected driver records and fix the technical glitch that contributed to the issue.”

North Carolina drivers who believe they may have been impacted are asked to call the Division’s Adjudication Hearings Office at (919) 861-3807. Commissioner Thomas said their calls will assist the division in identifying and correcting individual driving records as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, the division will continue to research and identify inaccurate driving records.

To ensure affected drivers are assisted promptly, an NCDMV Adjudication Officer will return their call within two business days and send a letter noting the correction made to their driving record. NCDMV will request the proper court documentation from drivers to update outdated records.

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