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Multi Vehicle Wrecks On 421 Monday, Foggy Conditions Could Be To Blame

Last Updated on February 22, 2016 10:16 pm

It began as a three car accident, but quickly turned into three separate accidents on 421 Monday.

Law enforcement and EMS were dispatched for a three car accident on 421 at Monarch Lane just before 4pm. While attending to that wreck yet another happen just a short distance away, according to scanner dispatch at the time. And still yet while attending to the 2nd wreck a 3rd happen.

         Details of the wrecks were not immediately available from law enforcement on Monday night. will update as more information becomes available.

 Photos via Watauga Democrat: Mary J. Quirion and Anna Oakes

Feb 22_foggy crash4_Watauga Democrat Feb 22_foggy crash3_Watauga Democrat Feb 22_foggy crash2_Watauga Democrat Feb 22_foggy crash1_Watauga Democrat

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