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Much colder temperatures and windy starting mid-week

Last Updated on April 19, 2021 5:59 pm

Frost/freeze headlines may be issued by National Weather Service

A drastic change in temperatures are in store for the High Country starting on Wednesday.

After a high of 55 in Boone this afternoon (Monday afternoon), highs are forecast to be in the lower 60s on Tuesday before the drop into the 40s on Wednesday. Overnight lows are forecast to be upper 30s tonight (Monday night), mid 40s Tuesday night, upper 20s Wednesday night and lower 30s Thursday night.

Along with the drop in temperatures will be continued gusty winds. A peak gust of 24 mph was recorded in Boone at 12:15 pm. Winds are forecast to gusts up to 25 mph on Tuesday and Tuesday night, 40 mph on Wednesday and Wednesday night.

The National Weather Service says that frost and freeze headlines may be needed Wednesday night and Thursday night.

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