“Mr. Yosef” Diagnosed With Inoperable Brain Tumors

Last Updated on February 17, 2023 9:29 am

UPDATE 12:12pm Wednesday Nov. 9 – According to social media reports Gerald Adams has passed away from inoperable brain tumors.

November 6, 2016 – The long time director of the Yosef Club at Appalachian State has been diagnosed with “2 aggressive stage 4 brain tumors”, according to post on his wife's social media page.

In a Facebook post on Saturday the status from Julia Adams page stated, “With sad hearts we regret to inform you that Gerald Adams (Mr. Yosef), has 2 aggressive stage 4 brain tumors that are inoperable.”

The post continued, “He is now in what they call “palliative care”. We are keeping him comfortable. Currently Gerald and Julia are in Florida at Baptist hospital- Downtown Jacksonville, the hope is, if at all possible, to bring Gerald back home to Boone.”

“Mr. Yosef” retired from Appalachian on September 30, 2016. His retirement was recognized during the October 1st game against Georgia State. In a press release at the time from AppState it was noted that, “The year before Adams arrived in 1991, the Yosef Club raised $363,475. The Yosef Club has raised over $3 million per year for the past three years. During his 25-year tenure at Appalachian State, the Yosef Club has raised over $33 million in scholarships for student-athletes.”

Gerald and Julia Adams. Photo courtesy of Appalachian State. 


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