Morganton Man Charged With Stealing Multiple Vehicles In Avery County

Last Updated on April 7, 2016 12:12 pm

*Avery County Sheriff Press Release*

On April 6, 2016 detectives from the Avery County Sheriff’s Office charged Jason Allan Laws of Morganton with three felony charges, including two counts of felonious larceny of a vehicle, and one count of felonious breaking and entering. This case wrapped up a lengthy investigation that stretched back over a year.

In March, 2015 a 1995 Ford truck was stolen from Bill Franklin’s garage, and approximately a week later, Midway Auto Sales near Heaton, had the office door broken into, keys were taken, and a 2002 Chevy truck was stolen from the lot. The Chevy truck was found on April 22, 2015 in Burke County. The truck had been wrecked and still had a stolen ATV from Cleveland County in the back bed of the truck, and it also was hooked to trailer that was also stolen and was loaded with stolen equipment from other counties, including mowers and irrigation equipment. The stolen Ford truck was discovered in Caldwell County on 3/26/2016. Both trucks led Avery County detectives back to Jason Laws, and after uncovering other evidence concerning the commission of the crimes, Mr. Laws was charged in Avery County.

Sheriff Frye stated, “Our investigators felt for some time that Mr. Laws was involved in committing at least a couple of these crimes in Avery County, but we simply didn’t have quite enough evidence to charge him here. After a year of persistent and determined work, we were finally able to gather the evidence needed to bring solid charges against this offender.”

Jason Laws

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