Monday Snow Reports/Pictures

Last Updated on April 23, 2012 10:34 am

Very heavy sleet in Valle Crucis – 2:25am

Some surfaces are covered in sleet, porches, car hoods etc. Be careful stepping outside – 3:55am


6:55am – 32 in Boone wind chill of 21, peak wind gust of 46mph. Few power outages in Vilas

10:25am – very find snow continues to fall across the High Country, below are pictures sent in via the facebook page.

From Beech Mtn facebook page

From Beech Mtn facebook page

Photo from Beech Mtn by Debbie Canady

Photo by Jerry Cheek

Photo in Vilas around 9am by Felicia Whiting

Photo in Boone around 11am by Mike Cole

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