Martin Roberts Missing Persons Case Update, Police & Family Turning Attention To Coastal Areas

Last Updated on April 21, 2020 11:11 am

*Boone Police Press Release*

On April 21, 2016, the Boone Police Department began an investigation in search of James “Martin” Roberts. Martin, a college student, was last seen in Boone, near the Appalachian State University Campus. A letter was found in his room indicating that he was leaving everyone behind, but made no specific mention of harming himself. The police and the family said that they know from the content of the letter that Martin was experiencing some challenges in life and may have wanted to escape from his circumstances.

Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford said that since the investigation started, the Boone Police Department has poured all available resources into finding Martin. “We have looked for signs of life such as financial transactions, social media use, and an extensive list of other investigative steps. We have also focused attention on the fact that he could be deceased. We have searched area lakes and many acres of wooded areas around where Martin lived and in areas that he was known to have visited by Martin. After two months we still do not have any positive indicators as to his whereabouts.

John Roberts, Martin’s dad and spokesperson for the family, said that they too are at a loss. The Roberts family has worked closely with law enforcement on this case. “We decided to try to put some attention on the coastal areas because Martin loves the beach. For the last 55 years our family has had a tradition of vacationing in the Ocean Isle Beach.”

 Attached is a photograph of Martin. Anyone who has information regarding Martin is asked to contact either their local law enforcement agency, and/or the Boone Police Department. Detective Kevin Wilson is the lead investigator.


james martin roberts poster


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