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March 2015 Weather Recap

Last Updated on April 2, 2015 7:20 pm

March 2015 became the 12th warmest since 1980 for average temperature for Boone, while the average high tied for 11th warmest, and the average low was the 10th warmest.

Even with snow in the early part of the month (see graphics below) and at the end of the month, precipitation measured only 1.87 inches, which is the 31st driest, and just missed became the driest March by .60.

*In keeping track of weather records (temperatures, rainfall, snowfall, wind) it’s important to note that the records for Boone relies on three different sources. Boone COOP station 310977 from 1929-1980, Boone 1Se 310982 from June 1980-present and Watauga Medical Center reporting station KTNB.*

Graphic: Southeast Climate Center
Watauga Roads Screen Shot095

From the Watauga Medical Center reporting station (not used for official temperature records):

High: 72.86 on Wednesday March 4
Low: 13.64 Friday March 6
Peak Wind Gust: 46 mph on Monday March 30 at 2:15pm, 43 mph on Monday March 2
Highest Rainfall Amount: .31 on Thursday March 19

Other items of note:
Greatest one day temperature swing: Thursday March 5 from 13.64 to 53.96 (difference of 34.56 degrees).

Largest temperature swing in a week: Wednesday March 4 with a high of 72.86 to a low of 13.64 on Friday March 6 (difference 59.22 degrees).

Number of days with highs in the  30s – 2, 40s – 6 , 50s – 11, 60s – 11, 70s – 1.

Precipitation graphics: National Weather Service
rainfall March 2015 NC

rainfall March 2015 nation

Snow depth slideshow


March 1 2015 snow depth

March 2 2015 snow depth

March 3 2015 snow depth

March 6 2015 snow depth

March 7 2015 snow depth

March 28 2015 snow depth

March 29 2015 snow depth

March 30 2015 snow depth

Graphics: Iowa State University of Science and Technology

monthly temps March 2015 WMC

rainfall_plot March 2015 WMC

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