Local Woman Walks Away From Rollover Wreck Due To Wintry Conditions On Saturday

Last Updated on February 12, 2022 6:56 pm

A local woman is counting her blessings after walking away from a rollover wreck on Saturday morning. 

Dakota Cornett was traveling on what is locally referred to as Boone Mountain, highway 421 between Vilas and Boone, when she hit black ice and flipped her car uphill and landed back on the wheels.

Cornett told on Saturday night that, “God was definitely watching over me this morning.” She added that she was okay but “just very very very sore.”

Appalachian State Police Officer Amber Swift was heading into work when she happen to come across the scene shortly after the accident happen. Swift tells, “When I first got there I didn't see that she had rolled the car.” Swift added, “So after I put that together I'm glad sore is all she is.” Cornett added a thank you to Swift saying, “she made sure I was okay and let me sit in her car to warm up until EMS arrived.” 

Cornett went on to say that she wanted to thank the EMT's, police officers, firefighters, and her parents that all responded to the scene. 

Photos courtesy of Dakota Cornett.


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