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Local Burn Ban In Effect for Ashe County

Last Updated on November 6, 2023 11:52 am

Effective immediately, the County of Ashe is issuing a Local Burning Ban on all outdoor open burning to include the countywide area and within the municipalities of Jefferson, Lansing, and West Jefferson. The ban prohibits open burning within 100 feet of an occupied dwelling regardless of the issuance of a permit, including but not limited to “Recreational Fires, Portable Outdoor Fireplaces, Burning of Yard Debris, Bonfires, and Outdoor Fire Pits.”

The open burning ban authorized by the Ashe County Fire Marshal is per North Carolina Fire Code, Chapter 3, Section 307, which states, “shall be prohibited when atmospheric conditions or local circumstances made such fires hazardous” and to prevent the potential for increased fire hazards due to extremely dry weather conditions in the County of Ashe and the municipalities.

This local burn ban will remain in effect until an adequate amount of rainfall is received to alleviate the present drought conditions. A press release will be issued when conditions improve enough to lift the ban.

Questions concerning the local band can be directed to the Office of Ashe County Fire Marshal by calling 336-846-5533

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