January 6 2014 Conditions/Reports

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No major travel issues being reported so far. The start of the cold air has begun with a peak wind gust of 49mph at 7:15am in Boone. 23 degrees with wind chill of 5 above

Conditions starting to go downhill – downtown Boone at 9am


At Watauga/Avery line on 105 at 9am. Photo: Sean Ulmer



Road and weather conditions have both gone downhill in the 9am hour. More roads have become snow covered and the snowfall has increased along with blowing snow. If you do have to travel use caution.

Looks like a white out in Boone when this shot was captured around 9:50am –

Watauga Roads Screen Shot124


14 degrees in Boone, wind chill of -4, wind gust of 45mph and snow falling at 10:15am compared to 32 degrees in Anchorage Alaska

Boone, downtown Blowing Rock, Valle Crucis, 105 in Foscoe and Banner Elk at 11am –

Watauga Roads Screen Shot125Watauga Roads Screen Shot129Watauga Roads Screen Shot128Watauga Roads Screen Shot126Watauga Roads Screen Shot127

12:20pm – no reports of any major travel issues at this hour, some snow on the roads but driveable. 17 degrees, wind chill -4 in Boone.

1pm – and now we begin the drop in temps even more. Temps dropping to around 5 above this afternoon, wind chills as low as 25 below per NWS

1:25 PM highway 105 and 105 bypass snow-covered again

Avery County & Ashe County Schools along with Appalachian State are closed for Tuesday January 7 –

Temps tonight are now forecast to be between 2 & 8 below with wind chills as low as -31 per NWS –

Graphic: Brad Panovich

First Warn Wind Chills

From NWS – At 3:29 PM, Beech Mountain [Watauga Co, NC] TRAINED SPOTTER reports SNOW of 5.00 INCH #RNK

11 degrees with a wind chill of -8 in Boone at 3:35pm

At midnight the temp in Boone was 40 degrees, at 4pm it's 10 above with wind chill of –9

4:15pm – still a varying degree in road conditions across Watauga – some roads are totally/patchy/partial snow covered, others are wet. No major travel issues are being reported at this time.

-5 with wind chill of -34.6 on Grandfather Mtn at 4:27pm

Watauga Roads Screen Shot130


Boone recorded a temp of 5 above with a wind chill of –20 at 4:55pm

-10 with wind chill of -45 on @grandfathermtn at 6:19pm

Watauga Roads Screen Shot131

1 degree in Boone with wind chill of -9 at 6:15pm, 35 in Anchorage Alaska

Officially zero in Boone at 6:55pm at the Watauga Medical Center reporting station

Watauga Roads Screen Shot133


wind chill of -52.3 at 7:31pm

Watauga Roads Screen Shot134


-103.1 wind chill on Grandfather Mtn at 9:44pm

Watauga Roads Screen Shot135

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