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January 2014 Sets A New Record Due To Bitter Cold

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:49 pm

January 2014 will be remembered by the bitter cold that many felt would never end, struggles with frozen water pipes, the constant battle to keep homes warm, and setting a new modern day weather record.

With an average temperature of 23.7 for Boone it became the coldest January between 1980-2014.

As cold as it was temperatures still did not dip down far enough to break the all time records. The coldest January belongs to 1977 with an average temperature of 20.19, followed by 1940 with 22.81. January 1977 also stands as the coldest overall month on record from 1929-January 2014.

The average minimum temperature of 11.8 degrees for January 2014 now ties January 1977 for lowest/coldest average minimum temperature.

Graphic from Southeast Regional Climate Center

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