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It’s Going To Feel Like Spring

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Last Updated on March 8, 2013 5:46 pm

For this weekend not only will High Country residents move their clock forward for Daylight Saving Time, but some cases of spring fever may break out. Three straight days of highs in the 50s are forecast by National Weather Service – Saturday: Sunny, highs upper 50s. Sunday: Mostly cloudy, lower 50s. Monday: Showers, lower 50s.

The last three straight days of highs above 50 in Boone were January 28 (58.28) 29 (65.84) 30th (58.64).

By comparison March 9-11 2012 highs were 50, 53.6, 57.2

March 9-11 2011:41, 46.4, 33.8

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