Iredell County Man Charged In Boone Break Ins

Last Updated on October 2, 2022 5:37 pm

Boone Police have charged an Iredell County man in connection with 22 business Breaking and Entering cases.

For the past several months Boone and other surrounding areas have experienced a substantial increase in business B&E’s. Boone detectives, working in conjunction with Blowing Rock and West Jefferson Police Departments and the Watauga and Ashe County Sheriff’s Offices, have been able to file multiple felony Breaking and Entering and Larceny charges.

Boone Police Chief Dana Crawford said “I want to thank our business owners for being patient.
When you have people from other counties coming to Boone specifically to break into local business it makes solving these crimes very difficult. All of our officers have worked hard and put in a lot of extra hours to try to protect our town’s businesses and solve these crimes. Over the past two years we have experienced steady decreases in the number of business break-ins. I attribute most of this decrease to pro-active patrol and being a deterrent. Then all of a sudden we have a rash of break-ins and it put a lot of pressure on our resources. Our officers take their responsibilities to heart, so when these first started they were determined to put a stop to it.”

Police got their first break into these cases when West Jefferson Police caught Andrew Jordan at the scene of a business that had been broken into. Evidence from that arrest led Boone detectives to examine if Jordan was involved in Boone’s cases. Through a two week investigation it was determined that he was involved in the recent crime spree.

Andrew Irwin Jordan, 35 years old, was arrested on February 16th by the West Jefferson Police and then on February 19th he was charged by Boone Police for involvement in the B&E to the Boone Meat Center. On Tuesday March 6th, Boone detectives charged Jordan with 19 additional crimes related to 13 business Breaking and Entering cases. Jordan is being held at the Watauga County Jail under a $260,000 secured bond. The investigation continues and charges against additional suspects are anticipated.

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