In Last Eight Days Six Earthquakes Recorded In Southwestern North Carolina, Two In the Triad

Last Updated on September 16, 2019 1:54 pm

It's been quite an active last several days for earthquakes in North Carolina, more specifically in the southwestern and Triad portions of the state.

The first series of quakes began on Sunday September 8th with a 1.9 magnitude near Cherokee at 10:30am. That was followed the next day with a 1.4 magnitude also near Cherokee at 4:21am. Later in the day on the 9th a 2.0 was recorded also near Cherokee at 3:08pm.

On Thursday the 12th a series of three quakes were recorded all near Cherokee, the first at 8:13pm, the second at 11:03pm and the final one at 11:14pm.

Two recorded earthquakes occurred on back to back days in the Triad. The first on Friday September 13th near Greensboro at 10:48pm. The second on Saturday September 14th near Advance at 8:25pm.

The last earthquake recorded in the High Country was November 10, 2018. For more information on the history of earthquakes in the High Country please visit the High Country Earthquake History page.

Locations of earthquakes near Cherokee. Graphic: USGS
Earthquakes near Cherokee data from USGS
Locations of earthquakes in the Triad. Graphic: USGS
Earthquakes in Triad data from USGS
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