How Many Snows This Winter? Beans In The Jar Tally For August 2018

Last Updated on September 4, 2018 6:14 pm

High Country residents can expect between 21-29 snows this upcoming winter, according to a long standing Appalachian Mountain region tradition.

The tradition of placing a bean in a jar to predict the upcoming snowfall totals dates back to the Native Americans by some history accounts.  For every foggy morning in August either a big bean is used for a heavy fog, or small bean for a light fog. The total number at the end of the month is used to predict the total number of snows. As winter sets in then take a big bean out for a big snow, and a small bean for a light snow. Those that have participated in the tradition for many years advise that a “big snow” is four inches or more.

 The Facebook page Watauga County and Boone Online Bean Jar noted 29 total beans for August 2018. The average posted to this outlets FB page was 21. In any case it is a reminder that winter is fast approaching.  

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