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How Many Snows This Winter? Beans In The Jar Tally For August 2015

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Last Updated on September 1, 2015 5:15 pm

High Country residents can expect at least 13 snows this upcoming winter, according to a long standing Appalachian Mountain region tradition.

The tradition of placing a bean in a jar to predict the upcoming snow fall totals dates back to the Native Americans by some history accounts.  For every foggy morning in August either a big bean is used for a heavy fog, or small bean for a light fog. The total number at the end of the month is used to predict the total number of snows. As winter sets in then take a big bean out for a big snow, and a small bean for a light snow. Those that have participated in the tradition for many years advise that a “big snow” is four inches or more.

 The Facebook page Watauga County and Boone Online Bean Jar noted 13 total beans for August 2015. Of course results may vary just a little depending on different locations in the county. Based on comments into the Watauga Roads Facebook page, the average comes out to be 12 beans for the month.   

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