Honda Recalling Over 1.15 Million Accords Due To Battery Sensor

Last Updated on July 16, 2017 9:48 am

*Honda Motor Company Press Release*

Honda will voluntarily recall approximately 1.15 million Accord vehicles from the 2013-2016 model-years in the United States to replace the 12-volt battery sensor, free of charge. Honda has received four reports of engine compartment fires in the United States related to this issue, all within the “salt belt” area. There have been no reported injuries related to these incidents.

The 12-volt battery sensor is located on the negative battery cable within the engine compartment, monitoring the battery’s state of charge in order to alert the driver to problems with the battery or the charging system. The battery sensors installed in affected vehicles may not be sufficiently sealed against moisture intrusion. Over time, moisture intrusion may bring road salt or other electrically conductive substances inside the battery sensor, leading to corrosion and eventual electrical shorting of the sensor. A shorted sensor can heat up through electrical resistance, potentially resulting in smoke coming from under the hood or, in the worst case, a fire.

Honda will notify registered owners of all affected vehicles by mail beginning in late-July 2017, with instructions to take their vehicles to a Honda automobile dealer. The dealer will check the vehicle for a Diagnostic Troubleshooting Code (DTC) related to the sensor, test the battery sensor and, if it is not functioning properly, replace the sensor with a countermeasure part (final repair). Due to the large number of parts required to conduct the recall, if a vehicle has a battery sensor in good condition, the dealer will apply a temporary repair – application of an adhesive to the battery sensor case to prevent moisture intrusion. When countermeasure parts inventory becomes sufficient, all owners of vehicles that have not yet received the final repair will receive a second mailed notification advising them to take their vehicles to a Honda automobile dealer for the final repair.

Honda is announcing this recall to encourage owners of affected vehicles to take them to an authorized dealer as soon as they receive mailed notification from Honda. Owners of 2013-2016 Accords can also determine if their vehicles will require repair by visiting or by calling (888) 234-2138.

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